Friday, October 14, 2005

CSS and Ruby

Decide to learn Web design, from the basic. I mean a lot of people know HTML, CSS, javascript, ASP, so on.

I don't know about you, but I learn that through copying others code, try to modify it, didn't work, try to understand it (notice the wrong sequence :-) ), try to modify it some more, see if it will perform what I want it to do, didn't work, try to....

You see, the whole circyle repeat, until I get what I want without really knowing how I did it. So, my basic is really weak in web designing, and I look at all those nicely designed web pages, just want to learn from the fundamental, especially CSS.

And, in the process of downloading a Ruby on Rail video, after hearing all the hype of RoR for months. And most probably will start a tutorial in Ruby soon, you can say RoR is part of the reason.

I know, I know, I still have Python tutorial hanging there halfway (as of now, it is chapter 5), Xoops, Java, hmmm... quite a lot of unfinished plan, haha.

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