Thursday, December 29, 2005

Playing with Django-3

So, It look like the error message in my last post is actually refering to a missing module, MySQLdb, a Python DB API-2.0 interface, which is needed for Python to talk to the db. And so I found MySQLdb in SourceForge, at this link
The problem is that no Windows Installer available for any version of MySQLdb that run with Python 2.4, only 2.3. Only source file available for 2.4, which require compilation and some other fine tune, but as I really want to avoid all that, I search again in the forum, and actually found someone having the same problem as me,
And there is an answer for this problem as well, a Windows Installer actually exist, as below>
So, now I am downloading it over, and keep my finger cross that it works.

There are more details to this problem, refer this link,

Glad to report, it work, after pointing to the module to follow, no error message appear, and check the webpoll db I have created, a few tables are actually being created. Yes.

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