Friday, December 16, 2005

Python Cookbook

So, after twice visiting the bookstore, countless round of flipping around the front and back page (you know, over here, they never allow you to have even a slightest possibility to sneak preview the book, whole thing is in a nice plastic wrap), I decided to part with my RM 146, and got myself this "Python Cookbook, 2nd Edition" from O'Reilly. After gone through more than 2 tutorials online, I think it is about time I put in some hard money here, at least to show my commitement, :-). And I really love that nice smell of a new book too. Ha.

So, I am fliping through the book, while decide to learn some database programming with Python, so I could sort of continue with the improvement on my little Address Book application. WxPython is still an option, but really I would really like to explore the database and web programming site of Python. A quick google, you will find numerous link of Tutorial on Python with database, and I think this particular tutorial on ADO programming with Python from Mayukh's World
is especially informative.

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