Thursday, January 12, 2006

Django 0.91

ok, great, now Django has just release a latest version (though still at development status), 0.91, and it should fix some bugs, and the most important thing, for me at least, is that

Changed the default project layout to add a utility, which avoids frustration with DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.

which is simply *great*, just think of the possibility that I could get on with my life without seeing this annoying DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE popping up in those ungly traceback error message again, make me feel good.

So, I wanna forget about solving the problem I have(as mentioned in the last post), and get on with the new version. But now come the second concern, I didn't really see any section in the documentation mention anything about "upgrade", as what we often expect from Open Source, I anticipate some tough time ahead.

So, wish me luck then.

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Adrian Holovaty said...

To upgrade, just run "python install" -- it'll do the right thing.