Sunday, March 12, 2006


Visiting Paul Graham site, still no new articles since "How to do what you love" but found a link to his first blog in infogami.

Ok, "infogami lets anyone build good-looking, easily-editable web sites." And there are those "One-click editing", "customizable template", "Full revision history", "a built-in weblog", but it seems like there are already thousand of other offering these thing, so why another wiki app? What make it different?

well, I don't know, but as what they put in the faq, infogami has been only one week under development, there are more *cool stuffs* coming...

And of course, the site is built with Python using, by the same team building reddit. Both come from Paul Graham's Y Combinator Summer Founders Program, I know one of the founder of infogami, Aaron Swartz, is a teenage hacker, "a finalist for the ArsDigita Prize for excellence in building non-commercial web sites at the age of 13. At 14 he co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification"

So I think these are reason enough for me to join the bandwagon, and within a minute, I have my website set up, Definitely much straightforward and easy to use compare to other.

First glance, it look pretty primitive (but of course this is understandable as it is just one week under development), though I do understand the need for ads on the sidebar to generate some revenue, but I still think it somehow make the site look very amatuerish, perhaps a bit of better design would make it less annoying? Just a suggestion.

Can't say much, as it is still at a very early stage. So, will hold my breath and wait for all the cool stuffs :-)


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