Monday, April 24, 2006


Has been reading Loud Thinking and Signals vs. Noise. Of course, with all the hypes now surrounding 37 signals and Ruby on Rails, almost everyone read them.

But, I remember I have read it somewhere a motto or slogan or something similiar of 37 signals, which is really inspiring, and which I think is actually the origin of their latest effort Getting Real and earlier Defensive Design for the Web.

I have searching for it high and low by googling for "37 signals motto", "37 signals slogan", etc... but just could not see it anywhere, not even by searching it in SVN. Just when I thought that I would not be able to find it again, somehow, I found it by googling for "37 signals manifesto"!! Of course, it is not motto, not slogan, but manifesto! :-)

So, here, if you are looking for the link as well...

37Signals Manifesto

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