Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Writing is writing

Read this from Signal vs Noise. The ideal of software should not be threated as a finish good does make sense, but nothing new, it has been mentioned time and time again by Paul Graham, and I believe a lot of others too.

Just as writing a novel or essay, we grind out the draft, share it with friends, get feedback, revised, another round of feedback, until the author satisfy or get bored with it, or timeline doesn't permit another round of feedback.

But I found this paragraph especially interesting,

Remember this: Don't spend too much time visiting writing groups. You are not writing then. You are writing when you are WRITING.

Damn right there!! I have been pretending busy developing something, gathering information, checking out trend, moving a step closer toward my next-big-thing-in-the-web by reading one blogs after another, but in fact, not writing a single line of codes!

You can spend all day reading guru blogs, listening to podcasts, going to networking events, etc. That's not writing. Writing is writing.

So, better cut down my times of reading all those blogs (Signal vs Noise included), and start concentrating on what I suppose to do, writing!

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