Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rails, derails, rerails

It is really frustrating.

I keep on repeating myself. Posting too much (errr...ok, that didn't happen here lately), Reading too much, but doing too less. Try to trick myself into a false sense that I am learning and developing something, but in fact, I am not.

So I get a new notebook after the old one being stolen. Now, this one is runnig Vista, so it take a bit of time for me to settle thing down. Finally I get the time around to set up all the necessary stuffs few says ago.

Installation of Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, and sqlite3 in Vista are actually no different from in XP. So, it just take me less than an hour to get things ready. Great. At the time I wrote this, I have actually continue with my "Ruby for Rails" book, after putting it down for a while.

So here is a promise to myself, write more posts, read more blogs, but do even more actual work - learn and write programming, damn.

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