Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quoting Project

I have been looking for some guides on quoting a project. Well, I swear that I have seen it thousand times when I didn't really looking for it. But somehow, when I try to look for it, it is not much reliable, or at least believable source on the net that talk about how to quote a project.

Which is really strange.

Still, here are some information I manage to grab by googling around. Not much, but hopefully something to start with... well if someone could chip in to share on their experience in quoting a project, would be really appreciated. :-)

There are 2 podcasts from Freelancing on Rails, talking on Quoting a Project, part1 and part2, and also a podcast on Contract and Agreement , almost exactly what I need at the moment. But the download is still in progress due to my pathetic bandwidth, so can't say if it is really helpful at press time, we will see.

Freelanceswitch site offer a few tips on this as well.

And here is an dated discussion in the popular Joel on Software Discussion Group.

But still, I remember I have seen much much more people talking about how to quote their project on the net, just don't know where they are hiding, hmmm...have to dig deeper.

Now, here are more tips on quoting/pricing a project.

Well, the danger is now I get more articles and guides to read that I might spent more time on it than actually working on the project..haha.


Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

unless i was u - i know jack of wht your talking

i thought quoting for some electrical work ka - apaka - mana tau quoating a "project" confucication :P

p.s cehck this out


kahfei said...

Hey Sasi, ha, sorry for the confusion, can blame it on my laziness in putting a more descriptive title. Ya, I mean Quoting or Pricing a Web Application Project.

Well, I have a look at the artmaker.blogspot, guess you are referring to the "Day 14, How to price my art" post?

Anonymous said...

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