Monday, June 18, 2007

Ubuntu CD

I have been running Fedora Core 6 for sometimes now on my far it has been pretty good. Fedora Core 7 actually available. But think of it, I just feel a bit tired of putting my PC on for overnight for several days, and checking the percentage of download every half an hour and yet the increase is so minimal that I feel like quiting.

But....I have just order myself a free Ubuntu CD. haha. Maybe I have just reading too much into the hype of Ubuntu. Hey, but when I read from Robert's Talk that Mark Pilgrim decided to switch (from OSX to Ubuntu no less) , I just couldn't help to give it a try. After all, I have picked up Python from Mark's Dive into Python.

CD delivery absolutely free of charge? I know that sound a bit unbelievable, but I read it here that the CD did get delivered, even to this part of the world, and take only 18 days. Even exceeded the 6-10 weeks delivery date as stated. Meanwhile, I will actually start the downloading process of Fedora Core 7 as well. The screenshot(1,2,3) look so neat, plus there
is some sentimental value with Fedora Core being my first Linux system. Perhaps, I will download Ubuntu installer at the same time.

We should see if the CD delivery reach my doorstep ahead of the download. :-)

Note: Fedora Core actually has a similar service of sending out free DVD set, which is called Fedora Free Media Program, but there is an announcement dated 2007-06-01 on the page that they have reached their capacity(200 DVDs) for the month of June, WOW! Reach capacity of the month on the first day of the month itself? Think I better download it from torrent.

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