Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ubuntu Update

Well, the CD didn't arrive faster than my download. I have actually install Ubuntu after downloaded the image, in fact this post is being typed and published in Ubuntu while I still waiting for the CD.

This could be just my personal opinion, Ubuntu 7.04 did feel a bit faster than Fedora Core 7.0 on the same machine. I heard a lot of rave about the simplicity of Ubuntu menu layout, but I didn't really see a big different with Fedora. Oh, and I think Fedora Core artwork look nicer than Ubuntu, I especially love the hot air balloon in version 7.0.

But moving around menu and installing applications did feel faster in Ubuntu, not sure why. System boot up also seems to be a lot faster. So far, I have already installed ruby, rails and also mongrel, so can play with Rails in Ubuntu now.

But something really bad happen after installing Ubuntu though, it seems like I couldn't login to Fedora at another partition. Can't even mount it after boot into Ubuntu. Have read lot of tips and hints on the net, but still trying.

Another great thing about Ubuntu is that the irc channel #Ubuntu is really useful, I have lot of my questions answered there.

I hate how Ubuntu displaying Chinese Character though....down right ugly, see screenshot below. Even after I have downloaded a few font packages, it still look the same. Damn. Fedora Core would have no problem at all displaying Chinese Character straight out of the box.


iCalvyn said...

i have apply for the CD, approximate 2 week to arrive...faster then they stated in the website... http://blog.icalvyn.com/ubuntu-season-2/
nice to collect the CD...

kahfei said...

hey there...you must have come to this blog as the my blog name is really close to yours....

Ya..I received the CD actually in 2 weeks time, which is pretty amazing. I should have updated this to the post, well, blame in on busy and lazy. ha.I like the sticker a lot too...now my home PC no longer dual booting with Windows..is a pure Linux machine.