Monday, November 12, 2007

Fresh Installation of Gutsy crash

This is rather frustrating. Just as I am getting excited with the Gutsy Live CD, and happily proceed to go on with a fresh installation, my desktop start to behave strangely. It hang quite often, with no obvious pattern.

Sometimes it is while using Ubuntu Synaptic Manager, sometimes it is just surfing the net, sometimes it is nothing at all, just let it idle for a while, then it hang. Sometimes it just jump out to the login screen, and re-login will sometimes give your some "Greeter application crash" error message. Ya, you will notice that there are too many sometimes here, what really frustrating me is the intermittent nature of this error, you can't really tell what is causing it. And Gutsy is working perfectly ok before I did the fresh installation.

I have tried to re-install, more than 5 times. I have tried to install Feisty, if it work then maybe upgrade from there. But both fail. I don't really think that this is Gutsy problem, maybe it is just my machine. Of course I have google high and low for it, but so far didn't seems to find any similar experience or solution to this. The thing is, I have spent the whole weekend trying to get this thing work, while I should really spending this time working with it. So, reluctantly, I have decided to stop this, at least for the time being. Now the machine is running Windows. It is really disappointing after I have getting used to working in Ubuntu environment, just that I really don't have the capacity to digg deeper into the issue as of now.

Hmmm...think the lesson learn here is, if it ain't broken, then don't fix it.


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YelleN said...

Hi there,
I had the same issue as you. Sporadicaly Gusty was crashing on me with no apparent reason and giving me the greeter error.

After googling here and there, I found a solution which worked for me. I changed the greater.

nano /etc/gdm/gdm.conf

edit Greeter=/usr/lib/gdm/gdmgreeter
to Greeter=/usr/lib/gdm/gdmlogin

now you have an ugly logon, but a working one.

kahfei said...

Hi Yellen,
Thanks for the tips there.
Hey, but I have just downloaded the Hardy Heron, so will give that a try first, see if the greeter error still persist.

Still, thanks for stopping by...

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)