Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Second meeting with the client, discussed on the project implementation.

The project will be implemented in 3 phases,
  • Company Intranet. the basic stuff, only admin have the right to maintain the site at this stage. There should not be anything too difficult here, only time-consuming to obtain most of the information from the client to put in to the site. Estimated duration, 5 weeks.
  • User account creation with different access right and roles. User group according to different functionalities will have different authorization. Each section will be maintain by their own coordinator. Estimated duration, 6 Weeks.
  • Advance setting, function like Search within the Intranet and Internet. Share/Publish bookmarks to all, etc. Estimated duration 8 weeks.

I put the last phase as 8 weeks as i really don't know at this stage how to do this in jsp. So, there will be a lot of study and learning on jobs required.

Basically the contact person agreed on the price, but the final say is with the Boss, so will see how it go....

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