Saturday, April 16, 2005

The very first meeting with the client...

15 April 2005, 10.00 p.m.
First Meeting with the client. The project is much *bigger* than what i thought.

  1. The CMS system will served as the system at the background, storing all knowledgebase, know how, info, etc, with plan to build search function (search on title, document content, even bookmarks from browser). Lot more functionalities are expected to be based on this system.
  2. Assist in updating their documents control system. The system here, in actual is only in Excel file. The person in-charged now for updating that file actually doing it out of his spare time or when there are really lots of updated documents piled up, or customer audit to check out their system.I don't see this is a good solution to the problem, though it might be a temporary solution. A proper version control system will be so much better. But again i will have to look out for a good, reliable yet easy to use Open Source version control system.
  3. Computer maintenance, like setting up computers, installing standard software, etc.
  4. Etc. (The guy really have got a lot of ideas, just do not have the time to do it himself, he is actually a mechanical designer there) So, this etc. will pretty much depend on how the first item go.
Now the problem is, this is my very first time doing this.
How to quote it just right, without judging too high or too low? Google for quite sometimes now, but can't really find an example for a IT consulation example in the net... so will keep on searching, on the net and off it as well.

So understandably, i am a bit nervous about the project, as it is much more bigger and complex (at least to me). There will be a lot of new things for me to learn, php, jsp, MySQL, etc. But this is also a great opportunity for me to start something which i dream of for so long.... so i think i am more excited than nervous......

* hey, there are someone commenting on the blog, attu, are you still reading this? you have a valid question on "3 projects on hand but still find time to blogging?", haha.
I take this blog like an unofficial log for me, recording the projects progress, and hopefully other projects progress, at the time i type these down, it help me to actually sort thing out, and even give me some ideas that i might not able to think of by keeping it just in my mind. So, there, this is my answer.

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