Friday, May 13, 2005

Only Quite.....

There are no feedback yet from the client after our last discussion. The only thing I know is that they thought the quotation might be a bit too high.

As I said, this is the first time I quote for something like this, I really don't have any idea what is the market price like, as what I read a lot from The Business of Software (, you are always entitled to quote as much as you can :-)... of course, I just ask the client to come back to me for a re-negotiation about the price.

Being a freshie in the field, we don't really have much power on hand, isn't it? The opportunity count more for me for now, a first step to start something matter more that the money it brings.

But really, there is nothing from the client side yet, so I just continue learning my Java (I start to wonder how many people out there really start to accept jobs for doing something even before they know how to do it?? ).

Paul Graham said, Java is not a language designed for *smart* people, instead it is a language for the masses. Smart people should learn language like, Python, Ruby, etc. BTW, I have learn Python for a while and found it quite fun. But the fact is if you type "Java" and do a search for job vacancy, there will be hundreds of results, not so at the moment for Python (at least in this part of the world). So I will have to learn a skill which can help me survive first, before going back to Python again.

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