Wednesday, June 15, 2005

opportunities are still out there

This is just a beginning and take it as a usual terms. We need to keep on our confidence and effort in flame then the hope will be waiting us somewhere. ok!

ok, while waiting for the server to be up, i am here checking mail and blog, and saw your long pending draft :-).
There are really a lot of things out there, database, programming, networking, etc, etc... really, watching all those expert in action, make one really think that he know nothing and there are too much things to learn and too short time.

But still thank you for the encouragement.

hmmm......really long pending draft! I am really sorry about that.

Maybe this year really got lot of fake opportunities pop up, so is it better we don't take any action instead of just doing the current job?

You are much hardworking than me (just on learning, ok? hehhee......) and fast-self-learning. For me, sorry lah I am not that kind of person. Maybe I can just learn for some while, or maybe I can same like you, just i only want to concentrate one thing at one time. I can't carry out too much things at the same time, I feel hard to concentrate. That's what I found on myself. So, if I want to take back the IT book and self learn, I will not work but just learn at home. It's impossible.

I am lazy actually.....the conclusion!

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