Monday, July 18, 2005

Change of course

No feedback, nothing from the potential client... so quite, that I almost thought that all the discussions, meetings, etc, are just my illusion.

Could be that my quotation is too high for them, even though I offer to lower it down, drastically.
Well, as I didn't put in too high hope at first, so I am not too disappointed either. One thing for sure is, I am gonna try again. Grab any opportunity coming, and try again.

But, not going to continue the Java lesson though. You can say, see told you, he quit halfway again. I do admit that the current unexpected situation kinda make me lost some motivation to continue learning Java. And MySQL, and Apache Tomcat. But I just wanna forget about these for a while.

Instead, I started Python , again. Have finished learning the very first tutorial last year, actually. But since then, no real needs or demand to do anything on it. To my surprise, there are company here actually using Python, so I just figure out that it might be good that I continue the journey to Python . Maybe sometimes later, even Ruby, heard some nice thing about it, especially the new framework, Ruby on Rail. Look really nice.

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