Sunday, October 09, 2005

still playing with Xoops....

Get xoops running on my local machine. So, now playing with some changes of themes, problem is after I changed to a new theme, I no longer able to find the setting to change theme!! Ha, shocking. Perhaps I will have to look for the configuration file manually and change it there, just have to find the time to do it.

Been really busy for 3 days to complete my another side job, translating a 2000 words flyer. It took longer than I thought, but nevertheless I manage to complete it. But all the hardworks for just RM 168, hmmm..... but for my first side income, I think that is a good start.

In between all these, manage to attend a interview for software developer. Somehow we need to complete a software test before the actual interview, so when the test paper is put in front of me, I realize that I really need to learn up more things. All along people in my office thought that I am quite a IT savvy, but the truth is, the things that I know is nothing more than a normal user. If I were put into a software development environment, that count for nothing.


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