Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The learning of python is still in the progress, admitably, the learning speed is much slower now compare to the last few chapters. I really have to find more time to concentrate on the tutorial, and not just taking some short glance on the tutorial while doing something else.

Having said that, I have venture into trying XOOPS though. Since I have some experience with OpenCMS (which I think is quite complicated) long ago, it take me much shorter time to figure out the installtion process. Two days to be exact, and a total of less than 4 hours, I consider that to be quite an achievement for myself, since I spent almost two weeks to sort out OpenCMS installtion. Or you can said that XOOPS is more user-friendly? I don't know, but just like any other Open Source software, you never expect anything like double click, install wizard ask a few questions, then voila, the thing is done.

You got to install few different software (php, mysql, and apache), then change some configuration file, copy and paste some dll files, and still fail. Look through all the help forum and documentation in the nets, change some more configuration files. Try again, and finally it work.

For a person used to Windows or mostly proprietry software environment, this is quite a culture shock. What? you have to look around the nets to find some hints? And not just one site, but a few sites, and then try to understand it and apply to your situation? But I think once you get the hang of it, it is not that bad, I find it quite a good learning opportunity actually.

So, the next steps to go is figure out how to configure all the modules. I have downloaded a few tutorials form net (there is quite a big XOOPS community out there), and hopefully will sort it out in a short time as well.

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