Sunday, February 12, 2006

Django, TurboGears or Ruby on Rails

Get to know Patrizio from JoS forum... He is a developer from Italy and somewhat like me, in the process of learning web framework, though he is learning Ruby on Rails at the moment.

A question from him regarding Django, TurboGears and Though I have replied through mail, but I think it will be good for me to have this info put into blog for future reference. And maybe someone could comment if my finding is actually not right. Patrizio, hope you don't mind.

So far I only touch on Django, never try TurboGears or before.

I have read an article from tabo@aureal , comparing Django, TurboGears and Ruby On Rails. The article is actually in favor of Django over the other two. Although you might not agree with it (since now it seems like everyone have their own favorite next-big-thing web framework) but it still provide some useful information for these 3 frameworks.

According to tabo, unlike Django, TurboGears didn't build up from scratch, but actually take advantage of a few existing Python tools, like Cherrypy, SQLObject, Kid template and Mochikit JavaScript library.

And also found this from the net, comparing the size of Zope, Django and TurboGears.

As for, only after google for it that I know that it is actually used to built the Y Combinator startup - reddit . And the article "Rewriting reddit" from Aaron Swartz could point out some different between and Django .

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