Sunday, February 12, 2006

I did something good?

Wow, got a comment from Tim that my little blog actually help him to install Django on XP...
That is an honor, really.

I am just learning Django and Python, so this blog is actually mean to be a log book for me to record my learning process (and later I know that it could be a SOS center as well :-) when I stumble into some dead-end after people like Adrian and Wilson drop by and advice), and by sharing this experience, perhaps someone somewhere also learning Django could get some help from it.

It is motivating to have someone like Adrian drop by, and then it is even more thrilling when someone actually read my blog and that it help them!

So, I have more reasons to get over my laziness and work more hard on learning and using Django! Thank, Tim.


Yannick said...

If it helps any, you also inspired me to test out django. I have never programmed in python before so I am actually taking my time to learn it a bit and test out django for the fun of it.

kahfei said...

Hey Yannick,

Thanks for the encouraging words. And glad you test out Django too. Might need your advice on Django later :-).

Finally get over my laziness and get started again with my django tutorial last night. Thanks to all of you, directly and indirectly giving me the motivation again.

Yannick said...


You are most welcome. Not sure what advice you might need from me but sure feel free to ask and if I can I will help.


Tim Child said...

No problem!

I am also looking at TurboGears now to see what that has to offer, though I have a feeling each has its advantages.

I will be blogging how I get on.