Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Less code is better?

Completed tutorial 4 on last Sunday, finally. Start from my first post Playing with Django-1 dated December 27, last year, that is just short of two months time, taken into consideration the limited time I spent on the tutorial (2-3 days averagely a week, and only 2+ hours per day), I think this is a small achievement for me already. :-) All thanks to the great effort the people in Django putting into the tutorial. Not to mentioned comments from all the Djangolian (as of Mongolian? haha, ok, I make this term up, and I know it sound really stupid, but really, how should we call those Django enthusiast? Anyone has a better ideal? Djangoish? Djangoese? Djangoist? djangoian? Hmmm... Perhaps Adrian should be the better person to make the call.)

But still I think some parts (though very few) of the tutorial are rather ambiguous, newbies like me who are new to Django, or even Python might struggle to get thing right. Though it might be a good thing at the same time, as this force one to read carefully between the lines, and make them understand the code better. Hmmm… ok forget this complaint then.

I think the next step for me will be to try and create some application with Django. One of the applications I have in mind is to create a blog, though I have not read into it yet, but think I could follow the guide from Ross for Building a blog with Django part 1, 2 and 3.

So, we will see how thing progress then...

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