Thursday, February 23, 2006

Big Thanks to "A Byte of Python"

Sometime last year, I came across tutorial "A Byte of Python", and find it to be a great tutorial for newbie. Though it is rather short (110 pages in all), but it teach the basic thing well with clear and easy to understand lessons. Most importantly, I thoroughly enjoy the learning process.

As I am blogging about my learning process, the author of the tutorial, Swaroop CH somehow found my blog and write about it in his blog too!! I only found out about this when I am playing with Technorati, try to search for my blog there, and to my surprise, my post was linked from Swaroop's blog. Well, it is quite amazing, isn't it?

Nowaday, "A Byte of Python” has moved from pdf version to wiki, this certainly will only improve the tutorial further, and help even more beginners starting their Python journey.

So, again, a big thanks to you, Swaroop.


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