Monday, February 27, 2006

Building a blog...part 1

ok, finally get to start to build some functional apps with Django, based on posts on "Building a Blog with Django" part 1, 2 and 3.

First thing first,
1.install Django
2. create a new project
3. within the project, create an application called "blog".

First part no problem, Django installed.
Now, I need to decide to use the existing "myproject " which I created for the polls app, or to create a new one. Without too much hesitation, choose to start a new project, just to avoid any complication in troubleshooting problem if they arise. So, now the one thing left is to create "blog", alright.

So I type the following command,

C:\Python24\Django-0.91\django\bin> startproject myblog

And get the "myblog" folder created as seen in the screenshot below.

Create a database for the blog, in my case, I use MySQL, so use phpMyAdmin to avoid having to use my lazy finger type in all the command, just like this to create a database, named "blog-db".

Edit the "" file under "myblog" so it point to the correct database,

To create all the tables in the database, type this command.

C:\Python24\Django-0.91\django\bin\myblog> init

Nothing happen in the dos screen, but check the "blog-db" database, a few tables have been created.

Next...creating the blog application.

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