Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogger vs Wordpress

Been thinking about it for sometimes now. Actually I already have a wordpress account, but didn’t really put much thing there. But the features they have really make blogger look pale in comparison.

You have built-in tags/Categories support with Wordpress. But with Blogger, you are out of luck. I know there are plenty of hacks to do it, the work around range from utilizing up to create several blogs and use them to appear as different catogories. But all seems too clumsy to me, as I can't convince myself to go through all the trouble just to add categories which is supposed to be a common blog features. Why can't blogger just give us "Categories"?

I look at the templates offered by blogger and it seems like they have been there since the day I start blogging. Most of them look so outdated. By comparison, what Wordpress offer seems like masterpiece from designer. Of course, blogger give you bigger freedom to modify the template, but still, if only they could have more frequently template update...

You just add links, and they will take care of themselves. This is how Wordpress work. But not blogger, you need to go all the way to your template codes, dig deep, and add some lines there. Of course, like all the others features, there are work-around, like subscribing to a third party link list manager, for example BlogRolling. But still, why can't blogger just give us that option?

And so, why still stick with blogger? Put it simply, I started the thing here, most of my writing is here, the already small (really small) group of visitors might not follow the switch, etc. etc. So, I might still need to go through the pains of trying to create multiple blogs just to be able to categorize this post as "rant"?

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