Friday, March 17, 2006

Great honor!

Err... I know this is nothing to shout about, but still... this blog, for the very first time, being listed in the blog rolls of a fellow blogger.

Hey thanks, Patrizio. Wow, being listed next to Eric Sink, Joel on Software and Paul Graham surely feel good. :-)


Patrizio Rullo said...

It's the blog I read most, like the others! :)

Keep on!

kahfei said...

Thanks. How is your progress on Ruby on Rails? Sure you are enjoying the learning process, seems only good reviews for RoR from all the people learning it. Will try it out one day too.

Patrizio Rullo said...

I reed half the pages of the Rails Book, and I think is wonderful. I will write my personal review on my blog very soon. Bye!