Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Revisit building a blog, part3

Wow, I didn't realize how ugly my last post is till I have time to read what I have posted. Those codes I paste on my last post is just terrible, all the html, body, head, h1, h2 tags make some line of code disappear, and some other appear wrongly. So I have re-written my last post, though the pre format tags now have take care off all the code this time around, a few lines of the post still appear overlap with the right column of this blog, so if you still have problem viewing the code, my advice is to refer to the original codes from Ross site, he has got this code sit nicely in a scrollable box.

And, after read through most of the comments in ross tutorial, I found out that there is something in the code which need modification, whenever you come accross "xhref" or "xsrc", just remove the "x" in front, then the link should work.

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