Thursday, June 15, 2006

Making the switch

Finally making the switch.

It is hard to leave a place you have spent your precious five years, but sometimes we just have to make tough decision. That is exactly what I said in my farewell lunch.

My colleagues said, it will take sometimes to get used to. But they will get used to it, one week or two weeks the most.

Have started my new working life in the new company for about 4 days now, obviously there are quite a lot of differences, the common questions being asks by my ex-colleagues will be, "Life must be so much better there, huh? ", but no, I can't say which one is better, they are just different, different kind of working culture, which I still have to get use to, and which I think could be more beneficial to me, at least at this phase of my career.

Perhaps it is just because I have been too long into one place that I unknowingly get into a comfort zone, and you tend to just going through the motion when you are too familiar with what you are doing.


Patrizio Rullo said...

I hope you will enjoy this new work!

kahfei said...

Thanks, Patrizio. Hope this is a change for better thing to come.