Thursday, June 08, 2006

Spreadsheet, anyone?

There are a lot of hype and debate surrounding Google Spreadsheet. There are those who feel that google has introduced enough office apps now that they can actually challenge the stronghold of Microsoft, and another camp just don't see the reason why Google venture into this direction and wonder how Google can moneterise from a online spreadsheet.

The thing is, it is not even released to public yet!! It is still only available as a limited test version. And the idea of having spreadsheet documents online is not actually groundbreaking as well. There are already some online spreadsheet app out there. The different is that they are not Google and nowaday anything related to Google will generate enough buzz around it.

I am not sure if this is actually a strategy by Google to eat into Microsoft market share, or it is just improving the way people sharing information through the net, one thing for sure is that a lot of those colloboration apps (or web 2.0, if you prefer a hyper words) which only popular amongs those web wizards are now fast becoming mainstreams for the masses.


Anonymous said...

There are just many other online spreadsheet apps around. Try out Zoho Sheet from

kahfei said...

There are too many online spreadsheet apps out there. But the thing is most of them do not have the pulling power of Google.