Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 7 Most Effective way of Cleaning up your LCD

Posted about this few weeks ago, and have posted on "The Business of Software" forum the same topic too. There are a few more suggestions there. So I thought I should do an update here, could be a handy guide for cleaning up your LCD screen. "Update on cleaning up your LCD screen" sound too ordinary, maybe I should give it a catchy name for diggability, like "The Most Effective way of Cleaning up your LCD" or something like that. :-).

So here go the list,

1. Baby wipes

Surprisingly, lot of the people actually recommended Baby Wipe! But, there are also people advice against using it, the rational being Baby Wipes actually contain lotion that could lead to damage to your LCD screen.

2. Glass Cleaning Liquid or Clarity Lens Cleaners or other similar products

Well, Glass Cleaning Liquid losing only by a few votes. I personally tried this out. Visibility of my screen now improve significantly, but that mostly due to the state my screen were at before the cleaning, it is so bad that any sort of clean up will make it look like brand new.

3. Solution of Water and Isopropyl alcohol

50% of water plus 50% of Isopropyl alcohol. Isopro…What? Well, since I rarely passed my Chemistry Exam in my high school, long ago, so this sound like a big word to me, fortunately someone did manage to put it in laymen term, turn out it is your normal rubbing alcohol. Since both water and alcohol are cheap, so it should be a solution worth try out, though you still have to get your hand dirty to get the mixture.

4. Water

Some claimed that water alone will do the trick. According to information from LCD manufacturer, there is actually a coat of chemical material on your screen, so using any chemical solution to clean it up will damage this layer. So, what is more natural than H2O? But there are different opinions on what to use with water though, microfiber cloth, paper towels, and a rip piece of an old T-shirt, 100% cotton cloth, or linen.

5. Spit and Kleenex

It is easy to get, no cost at all, and you can use it anytime when you need it! Hmmm... so Spit seems to be the idea cleaning liquid for your LCD screen, right?

6. Windex or other screen cleaning liquid or screen cleaning wipe

They could be a bit more expensive, but hey, this is the pro, they are created to do the job. Besides, everything else will be expensive compare to spit.

7. Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. True. As what being said by John Topley in the forum, "What are you all doing to get all those smears, smudges and stains on your screens?! Don't poke it with your fingers, don't let other people poke it with theirs, don't eat or drink near it, don't sneeze over it and don't let your pet cat/dog/monkey touch it."

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