Wednesday, September 06, 2006

cleaning up your LCD screen

My notebook screen looks really really dusty. One of the reasons is that it is not a brand new notebook, it is actually pass down to me from N numbers of ex-users. All the smudges and smears are especially obvious when you look at it at certain angle. And that certain angle is keep on increasing as well, it get to a state that only by looking straight to the screen that I can see anything.

So I decide to do a little google to see what people use to clean up their LCD screen. Of course, there are special solution in the market just for this purpose, and the one I see
the most being mentioned is Windex, not sure if this is available in this part of the world though.

Anyhow, I am more lean to looking for a DIY kinda solution. Here is the words in The official Apple manuals for LCD cleaning (, I am not one of those lucky enough to have an PowerBook/MacBook, even all the Mac fanatics will claim that everything from Apple is a class above the rest, but I guess cleaning up notebook screens are still more or less the same for Mac and non-Mac notebook, :-)), is to use a solution of diluted isopropyl alcohol, with 50% water. Isopropyl alcohol? What is that? Apparently, you can mix the rubbing alcohol which you can get from any pharmacy with equal amount of water, that would add up to almost the required ratio.

If that is still too troublesome, an even easier way is...your standard Glass Cleaning Liquid! Oh ya, there are quite a lot of people recommended this. Well, I have just give it a try last night, and my screen definetly look much better now, but is still far from perfect, there are still some stubborn stain just wouldn't go away.

So, I wonder, what you use to clean up your LCD screen? Any cheaper and better solutions?


sk said...

I used to use warm water to clean my laptop screen.

Since the day I found "alcohol tissue paper" in my office, I use that to clean it.

kahfei said...

Alcohol tissue paper? mean those giving out in wedding dinner?

SK said...

This is what I use.

kahfei said...

not sure if that is available in Penang, will check that out. Thanks, SK.

Jason said...

I use something called iKlear to clean my macbook screen, it leaves it flawless.

kahfei said...

Thanks for sharing, Jason. I have gathered some suggestions from others in a forum, will post the update here soon.