Monday, September 11, 2006

Gmail hack

If you have a Gmail account, here is a cool hack for you. Though I have been a Gmail user for sometime, I never know about this till I read it from KnowHR blog recently.

So, you can actually add a plus sign (+) and a postfix to the end of your gmail address, this actually create an unlimited number of e-mail addresses, and any mails send to those address, will still reach your gmail.

For example, you have a gmail account, So now, when you deal with anything work related, you can define a mail address, And anything personal can be Then you can utilize to the filter function within gmail to categorize your mail.

And a even better usage, when you register yourself in any websites, define a special address, for example,,, and so on. So, if ever you get a spam mail from any website you have subscripted to, from the receiving mail address itself you could tell who the culprit is! Clever, huh?


Anonymous said...

i did not understand a singe damn thing of what you are speaking?

kahfei said...

hmmm...answering an anonymous comment is almost like talking to thin air, but still, not answering a question posed to me is a bit too rude.

ok, say you have a gmail account, So, now you wanna communicate with your friends, instead of giving them the address, me@gmail, give them me+friend@gmail. All their mail will still reach the mailbox of me@gmail. Using this post-fix, you can create lot of variations for different usage,for example, for work related mail, for mail communication between family members, and so on. The plus point is, you can then use gmail filtering system to organize your mail accordingly. Plus, you can create a special pre-fix just you subscribe to certain web services, for example, for registration with newsvine. In case, any spam mail coming from newsvine, you can straightaway recognize them, coz the mail is actually sending to

Well, I do hope I have explained it better this time, that you have understood at least "a single damn thing"?

Anonymous said...

how do i hack my friends gmail!?? i wanna c there chats 4 certain reasons...