Friday, February 02, 2007

stupid me

I have purposely waited for a while, so that all the frustration and anger to calm down before writing about this here.

Well, I have lost my notebook. Not exactly my notebook, but the company notebook. While I was having breakfast happily in the restaurant, someone broke my car's window and grab it.

I look at the empty space where the notebook used to sit, glasses spreading all over the places , a big hollow feeling quickly surrounding me. Shit. I lost my notebook. There are already enough e-mail circulating around, enough news about stupid notebook users left their notebook in the car while they are away, and people just break in and grab their notebooks...

And now this actually happens to me. I am becoming one of those stupid people that I used to laugh about. The company could have imposed a hefty penalty on me, while I still have to pay to fix the car’s window. Worst of all, I have lost all the works that stored in the notebook (ok, I know, should have backup it), On-going projects documentation, useful notes, and mails oh all my mails are gone!!

For the past two weeks, I was almost like a newbie in the office. Setting up everything from scratch. That really set me back about a month worth of work. But really, I have no one else to blame but myself. When you get away with it time and time again, you start to think it is ok to do certain thing, even though you have been warn. You think other just being paranoid; you think it wouldn’t happen to you.

Perhaps that person needs the notebook more than me. Perhaps he actually use it to learn up some fancy web framework and create a buzzword-proof, hyped web 2.0 social network site and sold it to Google for 3 billion and donate half of that fortune to charity.

Then I have actually done something good.



Antonio Cangiano said...

Sorry to hear about your misadventure, Kahfei. While this could have been avoided perhaps, you still can't be blamed for being the victim of a criminal act.

kahfei said...

thanks for the comforting words, Antonio.

But I have learned my lesson, my notebook just following me wherever I go now, ;-)